DTS Oabe began trading in August 2003 with the production of eco-designed biocides for professional use focusing on two initial premises: innovation and continuous upgrading of products to help to create a future by preserving the environment.


Consolidation of our business based on people. Our team has a broad experience in the chemical industry and R+D+I with expertise in production and technical and legal issues. The competitive advantage of a product that is both ecological and biological distinguishes and positions us in the market for manufacturing quality and highly effective products.

2006 The company is elected full member by The World Technology Network (WTN) for its strong commitment to sustainable development.


DTS Oabe entra en la élite mundial de la tecnología. La compañía es elegida miembro de pleno derecho por The World Technology Network (WTN) por su compromiso firme con el desarrollo sostenible.


First company to obtain Ecodesign certification under ISO14006 Standard. This certificate guarantees the design and development of biocides for environmental sanitation and food hygiene based on eco-design.


Ruban D’Honneur Award. The European Business Awards acknowledges DTS Oabe and place it among one of the
best European companies of 2010. The recognition of these awards is based on the principles of innovation, business
excellence and sustainability of Europe’s most dynamic and competitive companies.


DTS Oabe becomes part of ECOLINK + Business Club, set in the European Eco-innovation Platform (Eco-IP),
an initiative to promote and encourage eco-innovation capacity of European companies.


Development of the Bimosyn project with Tecnalia- Cidemco with support from the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme.


Research focuses on the level of synergy between bioactive antioxidant substances and conventional biocides in order to develop environmentally sustainable biocides.


DTS-Oabe expands its international presence becoming part of the Biotechnology Division of the Goizper
Group, which aims to develop new biocides for Environmental Health and solutions to plagues affecting the agricultural and garden sector.


The jury of FLSP award, to Good Business Practices, selected DTS-Oabe as a finalist in the category of
the environment.


DTS OABE formulates and manufactures to BIOFUNGITEK, a Goizper group company, the LAREKIS product range. There are products for use in agriculture, a worldwide innovation and with a great market acceptance.


Agreements with multinational companies, allow us to keep almost all of the products under the Biocide Directive.


First Spanish company to introduce concentrated insecticides in single-dose format.