DTS OABE pretende ser una empresa responsable y comprometida con el medioambiente y para alcanzarlo y mejorarlo día a día tenemos nuestra política medioambiental.

Environmental Policy of DTS OABE

DTS OABE SL has been an environmentally committed company since its inception. Respect for the environment is part of our day to day management, new products and economic development. We understand that the company’s future, and the future satisfaction of our clients require environmentally responsible actions in the present.

Our company counts now a day with 5 workers. We offer our customers biocide products for professional use. The satisfaction of our customers reflects the great evolution of our company.

Like any human activity our company has an impact on the environment. To show our responsibility with our environment and guarantee the satisfaction of our customers we assume the following commitments:

  1. Identify and evaluate our principal environmental aspects and prevent, reduce or eliminate their harmful impacts.
  2. DTS OABE SL is committed to R+D in new biocides that are respectful of the environment and environmentally sustainable.
  3. Train our employees about important aspects of our activity and their functions so their behavior on their job reflects our commitments.
  4. Include in the R+D our goals on the improvement of the environment and the sustainable development.
  5. Obtain a continuous improvement of the environment defining and checking annually our objectives, goals and environmental programs.

Tomás Fernández Mentxaka