DTS OABE S.L. is a a laboratory that develops, manufactures and markets biocide products for public health care, legionella control and wood protection..

We started to run on August 2003 having as our main premises:

  1.  Innovation and a continuous process of renovation of our products as a way to create a better future.
  2. The communication with our customers and our suppliers is the ground base for a solid relationship to satisfy their needs.

The human resources in DTS OABE are people with a great experience in the chemical sector in areas like R+D and manufacture willing to assist you in our every day issues and find solutions for your problems. DTS OABE ‘s main goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers with a company based on the individuals and the synergy of the group work.

DTS OABE is a company that attach importance to the R+D . Apart from the marketing of the product the company is willing to advise their customers on how to take the best technological advantage of the products. Also analyze and predict the results of the products to offer a better and more competitive technology .