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Bird Mechanic Repeller


Birds, such as pigeon and seagulls, are a risk for Public Health because of:

  • Damage and contaminate foods with their excrements and feathers.
  • Threre are more than 60 diseases related to pigeon and seagulls (Salmonelosis, Ornitosis, Criptococosis, Hialoplasmosis y alergic Alveolitis).
  • Pigeons and seagulls could be reservoirs of pathogen microorganisms for human and pets.
  • They are carriers of ectoparasites, such as ticks, fl eas, lice,…
  • Their excrements could cause accidents, mostly when it rains.

Mechanic repealer that scares away birds in the areas near the control zone.

Combines two repelling effects: the sound of the blades and the mechanic effect of the blade hitting the birds trying to reach the control zones.

Patented model.

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