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ECOWOOD for the Control of Xilophagous


Using shortwave technology, SAMI® ECOWOOD is the simplest and most effi cient ecological and non-invasive system for the extermination of wood plagues. SAMI® ECOWOOD has been designed for eliminating wood boring insects without affecting
the integrity and appearance of objects and timbered structures.


  • Efficiency guaranteed 100% – i.e. the total elimination of the infestation, both living insects as larvae.
  • Mechanical control panel for quick and easy operation.
  • Easy operation and transportation.
  • Maximum protection of the property and goods treated.
  • Eco-friendly.

SAMI® Ecowood has a 2450MHz frequency magnetron and a
variable power up to 1000 W shortwave generator that can heat the wood from the inside out. Upon contact with the wood and the plague that inhabits it, the short waves accelerate the vibration in water molecules present in the area, raising temperatures to 65ºC and are fatal for xilophagous when it is applied during 2 minutes.

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