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Nupilac Hidro AZM Green

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Water based lacquer insecticide, without reentry period. Easier to apply and with less toxicity than solvent based lacquers maintaing high persistence and efficiency.

Nupilac Hidro AZM Green was designed to preserve the advantages, while reducing or completely eliminating the disadvantages posed by conventional lacquers. The result is a long-lasting, immediately effective, easy to apply insecticide lacquer, that is not toxic to skin or the respiratory system, non-fl ammable, requires no reentry waiting period and emits no gases into the atmosphere. Development of an environmentally friendly insecticide lacquer for use in urban pest control that is free of organic solvents, and safe for both users and individuals coming into contact with the treated area.

Main benefi ts and signifi cance of Nupilac Hidro AZM Green:

  • Free of organic solvents: Water is used instead.
  • Eliminates VOC emissions. The use of water instead of organic solvents eliminates the emission of VOC (volatile organic compounds) normally emitted by this type of products.
  • A safer, less toxic product, it eliminates the risk of dermal and respiratory toxicity common to products formulated with organic solvents.
  • Eliminates reentry waiting period (the waiting period required for safe reentry in establishments after insecticide treatment is applied), thus improving health conditions for workers applying the lacquer. Improves health and safety onditions of pest control company workers: enabling the company applying the lacquer to observe a normal M-F work week, and thus reduce application costs.
Security Term:
It has none
Acetamiprid 1% Permethrin 0,2%
How to use:
Apply in shape of a cord. Seal all the holes, cracks and entrance routes of the insects.
Cockroaches, spiders, beetles, ants bedbugs, warehouse beetles, others...