SOFAST fl y bait is for professional use in controlling fl ies in farms, zootechnical sites, domestic and civil buildings. SOFAST contains (z)-9-tricosene and sugar to lure fl ies to the bait. In trials, Imidacloprid achieved an effi cacy of 96% within 24 hours and continued to kill more than 85% of the fl ies in pig housing 8 weeks after application.

Security Term:
It has none (12 hours if diluted in water and applied by spraying).
Imidacloprid 0.5% Z-tricoseno 0.1%
How to use:
-CAs dry bait: Flies: Apply the product in the trays of FBS bait stations and if necessary, moisten slightly. Ants: Apply the product in areas of infestation and transit of ants or directly in the anthill. -As a painting: Dilute 50 grams every 35 ml of water and let stand until a paste is formed. Apply the paste in the fl y-laying areas or in the ant transit zones.
Flies, ants