YOU GET OUT is a device for monitoring mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects. It emits in 360 degrees the main stimuli that follow the mosquitoes when they go in search of their prey: the warmth of mammals, olfactory stimuli associated with dermal emanations (using ACTIVIX PRO), dark colors, UVA light emissions
and dioxide production by photocatalysis. The mosquitoes
follow these stimuli until the trap that originates them and when approaching are absorbed by the suction that generates the ventilator of the device. Working steadily, it contributes to the monitoring of the mosquito population present in addition to other
pesky insects, such as fl ies, in an area of approximately 1000 square meters. This monitoring system is free of toxic substances and therefore is respectful of the environment and people.

Methods and types of application: It has to be positioned in OUTDOOR areas at a distance of about 5-7m from the areas frequented by people. YOU GET OUT includes an ACTIVIX PRO, synergic product capable of increasing the attraction of the equipment. Resistant to the elements.

Period of use: It is recommended to start monitoring in the month of March-April to capture the fi rst insect specimens. Use the device even in late autumn (October).

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