Technical support

Technical support

  • If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us at 94 633 06 55

You will always find us on the other end of the phone ready to provide you with our response and technical support. For example, in matters of legislation and regulation of our market, in characteristics and types of products, in the identification of an insect (Go to the section), …etc.

elección del mejor producto

Do you have a question about choosing the best product for a specific treatment?


Do you need the dilution data of one of our microemulsifiables?

dato de dilución de uno de nuestros microemulsionables

Are you not sure about the security term of one of our products?

Technical and commercial data

Download our DTS OABE 2022 CATALOG to see the technical documentation of our products:

Below, we provide links to associations and other sources of useful information:


Our biocidal products are subject to a number of national and European regulations regarding their manufacture, marketing and use. Below we provide the links to the current legislation for your information:

Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality

Pest identification

For a quick, correct and easier identification of the insect(s), you will need to provide us with as much information as possible.

Tell us:

  • Where are you has located the pest (for example in wooden beams, damp basements, kitchens,…), in addition to the locality and/or province.
  • The approximate number of insects (one or two, dozens, hundreds , …)
  • If there are insects in different stages of growth (eggs, larvae, nymphs, adults, …)
  • Get good resolution photos of the insects and if possible macros of the different parts of the body (abdomen, thorax, head,…)
  • In general, all those data that you consider of interest to facilitate the identification of the insect


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