Política medioambiental

3 more years betting on the environment

Política medioambientalCertification audit passed in the ECODESIGN Management System

Since its inception, DTS OABE has focused much of its interest on minimizing the environmental impacts that its processes and products generate. Yesterday, it successfully passed the certification audit in the ECODESIGN Management System (UNE EN ISO 14006:2011). For another year, our customers can be sure that we have studied the environmental impacts at all stages of the life cycle of our certified products and have minimized them.

The reflection of our commitment has been reflected since the first days of our adventure in the world of biocides and is evident in our products, increasingly more effective and with fewer harmful components.

A great milestone was the development of NUPILAC HIDRO, now NUPILAC HIDRO AZM GREEN, recognized for its qualities with the European Environment Award (Brussels, 2006) in the product category. But this has not been the only one, our product catalog differentiates us.