The European Business Awards highlight DTS Oabe among the best European companies of 2010

The European Business Awards highlight the example of DTS Oabe and place it among the best European companies of 2010 with the ‘Ruban D’honne’ award.

The environmental awareness of this company, located in the Biscayan town of Orozko, stood out during the gala that took place in Paris with the sponsorship of the prestigious HSBC bank.

The recognition of these awards is based on the principles of innovation, business excellence and sustainability of the most dynamic and competitive European companies.

The Biscayan company DTS Oabe consolidates its position among the best European companies, thanks to the recognition it received in Paris during the 2010 European Business Awards gala sponsored by the prestigious HSBC bank. Its environmental awareness has stood out in the evaluation of the jury that, with these European awards, wants to recognize and promote excellence, best practice and innovation in European business.



Those responsible for the company DTS Oabe, together with Adrian Tripp (right), CEO of the European Business Awards and a director of HSBC Bank.

DTS Oabe has managed to place itself in the group of best valued companies and has received the Ruban D’Honneur award, due to the assessment of a jury made up of economic, political, social leaders and the media. Among them, it is worth highlighting the presence of Emil Constantinescu, former President of Romania; Arnold Rüütel, former President of Estonia; Petar Stoyanov, former President of Bulgaria; Isidoro Unda, president of Atradius; Peter Brabeck-Lethmathe, former president of Nestlé and Gilberto Ghostine, Managing Director of Diageo Continental Europe; Ángel Durandez, executive president of the OJD, Pierluigi Orati, Country Risk Manager of Enel Spa; Antonio Peccorato Scanio, former Italian Minister of the Environment and president of the UniVerde Foundation.



Moment of the ceremony of the European Business Awards

The European Business Awards grant the ‘Ruban D’Honneur’ Award, which is based on the principles of innovation, business excellence and sustainability, and is an important platform for the most dynamic and competitive European companies.

DTS Oabe has been selected among more than 3,500 companies in Europe, a new international recognition that joins others of great importance, among which stand out the European Prize for the Environment received in 2006 and its election as a full member by The World Technology Network, during the summit held in San Francisco (California, USA), for its firm commitment to sustainable development.

The jury of the European awards considers that DTS Oabe has a great impact and values ​​its latest product, an insecticide lacquer that is non-toxic, non-flammable and does not emit gases into the atmosphere.

DTS Oabe is a laboratory that develops, manufactures and markets biocidal products for environmental and food health, Legionella control and wood protection.

Innovation and a continuous process of updating products join the vocation of this company to be compatible with the environment and environmental sustainability policies.

For this reason, DTS OABE is certified in the ECODESIGN Management System (UNE 150301:2003 Standard) in the activity Design and Development of Biocidal Products for Environmental Health and Food Hygiene, which makes it the first company in the sector who obtains this certificate.