DTS OABE se certifica en el Sistema de Gestión de ECODISEÑO

DTS OABE is certified in the ECODESIGN Management System

DTS OABE, continuing with its philosophy of respect for the environment, has been certified in the ECODESIGN Management System (UNE 150301:2003 Standard).

Since its formation, DTS OABE has always been a company that is especially sensitive to protecting the environment.

Our Technical Department maintains an active and permanent search for new raw materials and compounds that help us reduce the classification of our products, maintaining and even improving their effectiveness, the maximum exponent being NUPILAC HIDRO lacquer, now NUPILAC HIDRO AZM.

Continuing with our philosophy, we have decided to get even more involved in respecting the environment and carry out an exhaustive study of all the stages of the life cycle of our products to detect environmental impacts and take the necessary actions to reduce or eliminate them. This study is being carried out in accordance with the UNE 150301 Standard – Ecodesign Management System.

Last March, AENOR certified that DTS OABE S.L. has implemented an Ecodesign Management System in accordance with the UNE 150301:2003 standard, in the activity Design and Development of Biocidal Products for Environmental Health and Food Hygiene.

DTS OABE, once again is a pioneer as it is the first company in the sector to be certified in the ECODESIGN Management System (UNE 150301:2003 Standard)