EcoLink Business Club

DTS OABE joins Ecolink+ Business Club

EcoLink Business Club

The company DTS OABE S.L. has joined the ECOLINK+ Business Club, which comprises around 100 emerging businesses with international ambitions.

A total of eight Basque firms have been selected to promote eco-innovation in suitable regions by identifying promising, emerging eco-innovative businesses. The ACLIMA Basque Environmental Industry Cluster Association organised a business seminar on the topic in Bilbao on Monday.

The seminar was opened by Basque Government Junior Minister for Industry and Energy Xabier Garmendia, who spoke about the Basque Country’s clean technology policy. There was also a presentation by Francesca Natali of the Ecolink+ Business Club platform, which brings together around 100 emerging businesses with international ambitions.

The EcoLink Business Club project is part of the EU’s European Eco-Innovation Platform (Eco-IP), set up to promote and encourage eco-innovation by businesses across Europe.

Member companies have access to services, markets, financing and international visibility. Eight of them are Basque, mostly start-ups or firms beginning to market highly innovative new products, tools and/or machinery with the intention of internationalising.
The 12 firms selected by the Ecolink Business Club were presented at the seminar. They all feature significant eco-innovations that can be promoted internationally via the EcoLink Business Club as part of the European Eco-Innovation Platform (Eco-IP).

The 12 firms that presented their innovative products were A&B Laboratorios, Derivados del Fluor, DTS Oabe, EHE, Ecomove, Ekonek, HBiO, Innogie, Kera-Coat, Incoesa and Sustainable Reference.

The seminar was organised with the cooperation of the European Commission, CIP, the Europe Innova Platform, the Basque Government Department of Industry, Trade & Tourism and the Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster.

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